The End is the Beginning is the End

It seems my life has been full of a lot of ‘How It Ends’ recently and I guess that’s just what this time of year throws up. A lot of goodbyes, finishing of degrees, courses, internships etc. It can be so exciting and exhausting all in one.

This week I graduated from BBC along with a lot of friends and it was good to finally put an end to this chapter of my life. Unfortunately along with that comes the inevitable goodbyes and the farewell of friends from abroad, some of who we’re not sure when we will meet again, if at all.

To be honest, I’m not that big of a farwell person. I’ll miss people but I know that the ones I am close to, I will see again. I know it will happen. I think that’s the problem sometimes. We just never know how. We don’t know when we will find the time or the money.

But if we want it to happen I am pretty sure all of us will make it happen. I have a had a few of these phases in my life. End of school, end of Uni, end of living with people for four years, end of amazing summers, end of relationships. The list could go on and you could thousands of others to that. Everyone has these experiences. The feeling that something special is lost and we will never get it back. People we say we will always stay in touch with but we don’t, even if they are our facebook friends.

But yet life seems to keep offering up more experiences that we don’t want to end, so I know that this is not the end, but just a change. I will feel exactly like this again, just next time about something else.

I don’t know if that sounds cold, like I don’t care. But I feel like life is always going to be like this and to be honest I hope it does. I want to experience lots of things and I want to change because change is good. Change is essential for the world to keep evolving. If we don’t change stagnation occurs. This is true from theology all the way to changing your underwear.

So this week I want to remember my time at BBC and remember my friends there but I also want to look forward to the summer and what is going to happen after.

They say that school is the best time of your life. Maybe that was true for you, maybe not. Whatever part of your life you would put in there, what about the next part. Do you really want your school days to be the best days of your life? Do I want my BBC time to be the best days of my life? Do you want that job you just moved on from to be the best days of your life? That trip, that journey, that internship, that summer?

I know I don’t.


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