What Wayne’s World Can Teach Us About Faith

One of my favourite movies, not just comedy but of any type of movie is Wayne’s World. It’s a Classic. But if I have to be honest it’s probably the sequal, Wayne’s World 2 that has maybe the most influential scene for me in a movie ever. 
Ok that could be pushing it considering all the incredible movies that have changed the way we think and have shaped cinema as we know it. I’m thinking more the Halloweens and the L’assassination Du Duc De Guise’s of our time here (yeah look it up) than the Troll 2’s (rule 1 of titling a movie- make sure there is at least an element of the title in the movie) and the Glitter’s.

But still, there is one scene or more precisely, one line in Wayne’s World 2 that has changed the way I think about my life and how I live it. Let me paint the picture.

Our hero Wayne and his best friend Garth are planning to put on a huge rock show. They need a venue, money and of course most importantly bands. But they don’t know how to do it. They have their doubts and they don’t think it is possible to get the bands. Then Wayne has a dream and in it ‘Jim Morrison’ along with a a weird naked indian, delivers the line that changed my life.

“If you book them, they will come”
It seems so simple. Book the bands and they will be there. No sweat.
It’s so sure. There is a command and  a result. No beating about the bush. Do this and this will happen. You don’t need to worry because it will all fall into place.

But when I remembered that line I realised how often I don’t live like that. And I guess that is what faith is all about. We have a God who promises to take care of us and we don’t need to worry about a thing. No really, not. a . thing. But we still doubt and we still wonder whether we are good enough, or fast enough or capable enough. We have a God who says, “If you act, I will come.”

There is a moment in the Prodigal Son story which is often overlooked but it’s so important. It’s the point when the son makes the decision to return to his Father and his home. Not an easy thing to do considering you just ran away and wasted everything you were given, but still he did it. He returned home.

Because he needed to. He had nowhere else to go. He had no other friends to scrounge off. His bridges were burnt.

But probably also because he had faith. It probably wasn’t much but it was there. Maybe he knew somewhere deep down that if he returned home his Father might be there will open arms. Maybe he knew he could return and all would be forgiven. 
He did and he was.

How often have we felt God asking us to do something but we get scared and turn away? How often do we know for a certain we are being called to something but we ignore it anyway? For me a lot. But sometimes faith is all about taking risks. But in fact they never are risks because God is in control. 

Having said that,
Faith is not easy. Sometimes we follow the ‘rules’ and God doesn’t show up. Sometimes we take a step and we fall. Sometimes God feels distant. But he never is.

When the Prodigal Son left, God wasn’t anywhere but by his side the whole time. When he was eating food even pig’s wouldn’t eat, God was by his side.

But sometimes I think we need to have more faith in a God who loves his people enough to split the sea so his people could escape persecution, or defeat armies that far outnumber theirs, or will heal your friend because you took a risk and lowered him through some poor guy’s roof ( that’s a nice story, but seriously that guy must have been livid).

Or even a God who loves us enough that when we don’t have enough faith he doesn’t give up on us.
So the next time you feel God calling you to something or you want to be creative and put your work out there or you have an idea for a ministry or a dream or someone you need to tell something to, remember

‘if you book him, he will come’


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